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email: rachel [at] digitalstuffing [dot] com

UK Phone +44 (0) 7733 262642

Receiving pitches and tips via email is great as long as they are related to the types of things I write about – digital marketing campaigns, online games for brands, transmedia campaigns or social media campaigns. Very Occasionally I’ll write about cool web tools, especially if they help users find good things on the web but it’s not a key focus. I will rarely write about advertising tools, unless you can bring me a great example of how they can be used, not about products themselves, again, unless you send me examples of the marketing and even then I still may not write about it.

My preference is to get everything in the first email. If I have to chase images and assets from you, then there’s less chance I’ll write about it. I rarely take you up on offers of interviews, although there’s always a chance. The one’s I’m most interested in are those that will let me talk to the brand team, creative team or planning teams behind the campaigns – I like to know how that got to what they produced.

You’ll I also write about the pitches themselves, so if all you want to do is send me a press release in a mass mailing then you are likely to get written about rather than the product. I get a lot of pitches, emails and far too many of them are irrelevant. I usually ignore them, sometimes I write a about the lack of professionalism in sending me the pitch.

Also, this is nowhere near a full time job, so stuff may sit in a pile until I have time. If it’s time sensitive, please ensure there’s some indication in the subject line and I’ll do my best.

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