Kevin Bacon and Logitech Revue

I’ve watched this a few times and still love it.Kevin Bacon being his biggest fan – or at least the nerdiest. Wonder how easy a sell that was to him (and if he put his prices up). The product looks good as well – I wonder if YouView will have somethig similar?

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links for 2010-11-24

  • The hashtag #IAmSpartacus is a wonderful piece of social media play as thousands copied Chambers and sent it trending around the world. Who doesn’t like Spartacus and like to be reminded of the solidarity that his fellow gladiators showed as they all proclaimed “I am Spartacus”?
  • Over the past few years, because of a combination of Internet disintermediation, recession, and corporate blindness, the assembly line has been obliterated — economically, organizationally, and culturally. In the ad business, the relatively good life of 2007 is as remote as the whiskey highs of 1962. "Here we go again," moans Andy Nibley, the former CEO of ad agency Marsteller who, over the past decade, has also been the CEO of the digital arms of both Reuters and Universal Music. "First the news business, then the music business, then advertising. Is there any industry I get involved in that doesn't get destroyed by digital technology?"
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Samsung Galaxy Tab

The team behind the marketing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab appear to be getting more surreal. Their latest seems have strong influences from The Office and I’m a Celebrity. I’m not 100% sure there’s enough data connection inthe middle of the Andes though!

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links for 2010-11-08

  • While employees have always been the front line of customer interactions for brands, particularly those in the service industry, a number of factors of late have brought them more to the fore, including a more transparent and socially engaged society, a still-fragile economy where everyday value trumps aspirational brand attributes, and an ongoing lack of trust in corporate America and CEO spokespeople.
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Orange are rolling out an old campaign, the Balloonacy Race. According to them:

its the great internet balloon race where thousands of balloonists fly across a course made out of bits of the internet to win heaps of kudos and prizes.

And the Balloonacy prizes are quite good, with holidays to Kenya, Egypt and the South Coast of England up for grabs. This obviously worked for them 2 years ago, so they’ve re-created it and are asking site owners to sign up..or you can sign up to take part in the race itself.

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Poppy Appeal Silent Single

Update: it’s for sale on itunes or you can get the video from the Silent Single site

Here’s an idea. Buy 2 minutes of silence for the bargain price of £1 and contribute to the British Legion Poppy appeal. This is a brilliant idea to complement the annual sale of poppies and from the stars in this teaser video video, it’s well supported. As well as raising money, the team behind it want to get the single to the top of the charts. As it’s now supported by The Sun, they may have a chance. The campaign has a simple page to buy the track and is also being promoted through the Facebook Poppy Single page. Go on, pre-buy it now.

(Disclosure: the originator of this idea is a friend…)

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T-Mobile at Heathrow

Yesterday, T-Mobile staged their latest event, this time at London Heathrow, with 500 actors providing a singing welcome to arriving passengers. The pre-shoot press talks about the logistical difficulties of getting this done at the airport, providing lots of lovely stories for BA, Heathrow and the phone company. Although I’m not sure why the coffee company were involved?

The logistics behind the filming have been immense, due to the sensitivities of shooting at an airport, with careful negotiations required with the airport owner BAA and British Airways, which operates from Terminal 5, as well as Costa Coffee. Sixteen hidden cameras will capture the action.

It’s going to be on all the commerical channels Friday noght – again witht he accompanying press, so they’re out to make a splash.

But are Flash mobs over (or should I say staged marketing events, as they’re not really flash mobs given the organisation required). There’s definitely some backlash, although lots of people still like the idea. From a social media perspective, they can still drive the views and impression, although I’m of the opinion that stunts are not the only thing brand should use social for.

Personally, i’m also with with TimReynolds who posted to the T-Mobile YouTube channel. If I’d just got off a long flight, the crowd of singers would have probably been the last thing I wanted to see.

An extremely annoying obstruction: After a very long tiring flight all I want to do is to get in the car and go home. The only way we could get through this pathetic so-called ‘event’ was to aim the suitcases & trolley at the participants and just walk. They finally got out of the way when it was obvious we had no intent to stop.

Here’s the final ad that played out across 80 stations just after 10 on Friday. One hte one hand, I love public group singing; on the other, how many times will T-Mobile continue to play with same idea and on a third hand, I would have been so annoyed if I’d been trying to get home!

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links for 2010-10-21

  • Which was qualified by saying that Transmedia had become so much more fulfilling for him as a producer and a storyteller that he was no longer as excited by the prospect of creating something in the dark, crafting it in private and then launching a shrink-wrapped product on the world. Instead, he enjoys the process of dialogue with fans, building a mythology together and feeling the adrenaline rush of watching events unfold ‘live’.
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links for 2010-09-20

  • The geolocation space is the one to watch right now — celebrities are flocking to Foursquare (Foursquare), location is finding a unique purpose in many mobile apps, background location is becoming a commonplace feature on smartphones, geofencing is evolving in purpose and function, and location-based social networks are proving to be the perfect platforms for cause marketing.
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