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email: rachel [at] digitalstuffing [dot] com

UK Phone +44 (0) 7733 262642

What I do:

I’m currently Head of Social Media at twentysixlondon, trying to build up the business. In addition, I’ve been a senior Project Manager, working on Shell, some Royal Navy and Laithwaites. Before that I worked as a Digital Strategist with JWT New York. This meant I worked across multiple account teams advising and guiding the teams in developing integrated, transmedia campaigns, with a focus on Social Media aspects. Brands include Sunsilk, Welchs, Kleenex, Dominos, Smirnoff and Stride.

Prior to this I worked for a long time with Diageo, as a Project Manager in various areas ranging from grain distilling through to marketing. In my last role there I managed the development of multiple brand websites for the company and working with global marketing teams on digital strategy. Linkedin Profile.

And I’m all over the web – listed here: Stuff I’m On


I’ve been speaking at the occasional conference and always open to more opportunities.

  • Blogher Business 2007 – corporate blogging, how businesses are using blogs to communicate directly with customers without the sheen of marketing
  • Mesh 2007 – Is Fake the New Real? Looking at how brands are using characters and stories to market, following on from LG15
  • SXSW 2008 – Stories, Games and Your Brand. How brands can use stories, puzzles, games, treasure hunts etc to promote the brand and increase customer engagement
  • 26.org.uk 26.org is a writing network group, this was a panel on corporate blogging.
  • Internet World 08 – Chaired panel for Chinwag on web analytics.
  • Barcamps – at these unconferences, I spoken on a few things. The changing marketing budget holder, Engagement Marketing, ARGs for Marketing, Measuring Engagement.
  • Use8 – on a panel discussing New Fontiers of Social Media, in particular, how brands can use the tools
  • I’ve making the occasional appearance on Sky News, talking about the internet news of the day.

Other sites:

Licence to Roam Personal Blog

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