Grey Goose and Artisinal Bread

Grey Goose Vodka and artisinal bread are not something that you would normally put together, but today, the PR (or social) team have been out and about in London delivering bread. Why? Because they have baked bread with the same wheat that is used in the vodka. It’s all being broadcast via their Twitter feed GreyGooseRSVP.

This appears to be a multi-pronged campaign consisting of:

  • A popup shop, on Shaftesbury Avenue, called Boulangerie Fran├žois, open for 3 days.
  • A mass blogger outreach programme, getting people to talk about it. We have articles on How To Spend it, All In London, London Pop-ups, It’s Rude to Stare and probably a few others. So that’s covering London and Style blogs. This is then combined with a more traditional PR to the trade press, such as The Spirits Business
  • An experiential PR event in London, delivering bread baskets to major agencies and tech companies. They have mentioned Ogilvy, Facebook, Twitter as recipeients
  • A Twitter contest to get a bread basket delivered to your office. YOu needed to follow adn tweets about the contest to enter
  • Pictures on Instagram/GreyGooseUK about the campaign
  • There’s not much action on Facebook, all the real-time stuff is on Twitter.

Opinion: I like this campaign. It has relevance to the product, without the need to be sampling vodka, removing that complication. it is getting buzz – although an issue would be it’s just London based, are they doing it elsewhere? There are multiple digital and real world connections, bridging that gap seamlessly.

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