TV and Social

Why do brands spend lots of money on TV advertising? On Programme sponsorship, or product placement. Because it works, or at least the evidence is there that it has worked in the past. With the fragmentation of media, of TV channels, it may not work as well, but there are still good reasons for connecting with programmes watched by millions. Especially if those programmes are being talked about on social media, where you can get a pretty much instant reaction to what people think about the show.

So why are clients not connecting the dots? Why is TV sponsorship (or ad buys) not intimately tied into social media monitoring at the least and active participation as best practice. Yes, you’re after awareness, brand recognition but here’s an opportunity to engage.

If you are doing any spend on TV promotion and sponsorship, take a small bit of those millions and make sure you are doing social media monitoring to assess how your target audience think about you; before, during and after your spend. Also, make sure you have something to say across your social platforms, ready to answer questions that the programme has raised.

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