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  • To be expected, the game is very well designed. From happy pixel citizens to cute tail-wagging dogs, CityVille keeps you emotionally glued to the screen in ways only a behavioral psychologist could understand.

    For this post I've decided to deconstruct the "social sharing" of CityVille, levels 1-3. To grow their user base Zynga uses Facebook wall posts and target friend invitations through their "Goal/Reward/Share" system.

  • This isn't the holy grail; but rather a road-tested 'cheat sheet' for quick wins on your Facebook page. Be aware there's much more to running a brand page than implementing a handful of tactics but we hope that this presentation sparks new ideas for your own pages. We welcome feedback and suggestions.
  • t a more practical level I use a handy guide as a starting point to construct a business case for investing in social media. There are both tangible and intangible benefits. Intangibles are recorded under a column of Brand Awareness, Reputation and Customer Loyalty. Tangibles are recorded under a column label of Direct Revenue & Lower Operational Expense. Rows are labelled;
  • Likewise, the Beast was by no means the first project to use fictional websites or blogging as a made-up character. And it definitely wasn't the project that invented the technique of creating evidence of a story and playing it out as though it were really happening. The roots of this narrative style are older than the internet, older even than electricity, sunk deep in the tradition of espitolary novels — arguably invented in Spain in 1485.
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