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links for 2010-11-24

#IAmSpartacus goes viral on Twitter – it's a social media object lesson … The hashtag #IAmSpartacus is a wonderful piece of social media play as thousands copied Chambers and sent it trending around the world. Who doesn’t like Spartacus and … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

The team behind the marketing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab appear to be getting more surreal. Their latest seems have strong influences from The Office and I’m a Celebrity. I’m not 100% sure there’s enough data connection inthe middle of … Continue reading

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links for 2010-11-08

Employees No Longer Baggage, but Blessing While employees have always been the front line of customer interactions for brands, particularly those in the service industry, a number of factors of late have brought them more to the fore, including a … Continue reading

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Orange are rolling out an old campaign, the Balloonacy Race. According to them: its the great internet balloon race where thousands of balloonists fly across a course made out of bits of the internet to win heaps of kudos and … Continue reading

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