T-Mobile at Heathrow

Yesterday, T-Mobile staged their latest event, this time at London Heathrow, with 500 actors providing a singing welcome to arriving passengers. The pre-shoot press talks about the logistical difficulties of getting this done at the airport, providing lots of lovely stories for BA, Heathrow and the phone company. Although I’m not sure why the coffee company were involved?

The logistics behind the filming have been immense, due to the sensitivities of shooting at an airport, with careful negotiations required with the airport owner BAA and British Airways, which operates from Terminal 5, as well as Costa Coffee. Sixteen hidden cameras will capture the action.

It’s going to be on all the commerical channels Friday noght – again witht he accompanying press, so they’re out to make a splash.

But are Flash mobs over (or should I say staged marketing events, as they’re not really flash mobs given the organisation required). There’s definitely some backlash, although lots of people still like the idea. From a social media perspective, they can still drive the views and impression, although I’m of the opinion that stunts are not the only thing brand should use social for.

Personally, i’m also with with TimReynolds who posted to the T-Mobile YouTube channel. If I’d just got off a long flight, the crowd of singers would have probably been the last thing I wanted to see.

An extremely annoying obstruction: After a very long tiring flight all I want to do is to get in the car and go home. The only way we could get through this pathetic so-called ‘event’ was to aim the suitcases & trolley at the participants and just walk. They finally got out of the way when it was obvious we had´╗┐ no intent to stop.

Here’s the final ad that played out across 80 stations just after 10 on Friday. One hte one hand, I love public group singing; on the other, how many times will T-Mobile continue to play with same idea and on a third hand, I would have been so annoyed if I’d been trying to get home!

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