Coca-Cola Happiness Machine returns

A lovely little video from Coca-Cola who put a real-life happiness machine into a London university and made a lot of students smile. Sent to me via Twitter from James, who worked on it with lexis PR, it made me smile as well.

Haven’t we all wanted the vending machine to do just that little bit more, happy when it makes a mistake and accidently gives you 2 chocolate bars, or whatever you were after. Here’s a surprise machine that gives you more, an extra can, some popcorn and cupcakes galore (mmm, cupcakes :-) )

It’s a simple idea, taking the digital into the physical and spreading a little bit of happiness to a few directly and delivering a smile to a lot more through the video. I wonder if it’s going to turn up somewhere else. (I’m also wondering how they managed to concince the college to put a hole in the wall, or was it in front of a door!)

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3 Responses to Coca-Cola Happiness Machine returns

  1. John Dodds says:

    But it’s an old idea – they did it some time ago in Europe and the US and the youtube videos got a lot of coverage and hits. To repeat it here just seems tired. It’s just the same stunt in a new venue but without any real reason for the new location – the interweb has already seen it before.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ve never seen the previous ones, so it was new to me…and to others I’ve seen respond. But it does open the question about repeating successful campaigns – if it works in one place, why shouldn’t it be repeated elsewhere? Just because it’s been onthe internet, does not mean it can’t surprise and delight a new audience.

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