UK businesses Swarm for Foursquare

Metrodeco, a furniture and tea shop in Brighton, is using Foursquare to offer its customers something different. Not content with just offering specials for customers who check-in, last week they ran a special event in an attempt to get themselves and their customers the Foursquare Swarm badge, This only gets unlocked when you have over 50 people check-in in an hour. The time (and money) spent promoting the event obviously paid off, with the badge being unlocked and the takings doubling for the day. As they say in the Metrodeco press release

“Foursquare has been brilliant for our business because we’ve used it to engage with customers in a whole new way and to offer them a better service.
“There’s a growing excitement about it in the UK because of the power it gives people to share their views and tips on bars, restaurants, airports, public buildings and many other locations. Social media means businesses are now forced to do their customer service in public and the best businesses will embrace this fact, rather than fear it.”

It’s not the first UK swarm, it’s been done at sports events and conferences, but they’re claiming the first deliberately planned business event that reached those numbers. The owners are busy leveraging all the tools at their service to drive traffic to their business and doing it well. Here’s one clear case of digital/social media leading to direct sales.

So if you’re going to try this, what needs to be thought about:

  • Consider your audience; they have to be checking into the location for any promotion to have an imapct. So sign up to the service and see who checks-in
  • Claim your business on the service and get the description, address and geo-tags set up correctly
  • Make sure the offer is relevant and obtainable. Setting out something just for the mayor is great, unless your staff claim mayorship, or the title never changes. Metrodeco have a simple offer (free tea or coffee at lunch) for everyone who checks in
  • Make sure your staff are aware of the offer. In a single location like this, it’s simple. Larger promotions by companies such as Gap and Starbuck have had bad press as staff were just not aware of the deals.

Remember to have some fun as well; it’s a new tool to play with, be creative and you may be surprised. Next up for Metrodeco? It has to be the Superswarm for 250 people.

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2 Responses to UK businesses Swarm for Foursquare

  1. Metrodeco says:

    Hi there and thanks for your interest in our use of Foursquare and for using us in your case study.

    We believe a good aim for any business in the age of the social web is to let go of their brand and to let their customers market it for them through word of mouth. This so much more effective than the old way of ‘interruption marketing’ and it is exactly what happens every time someone checks in to Metrodeco using Foursquare.

    I also think most people who are active on social networks in Brighton (or anywhere!) relish the opportunity to meet others in their ‘online tribes’ in the flesh. So it was great to be able to bridge the digital and real worlds briefly.

    Thanks again,


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