You can always tell when there’s a new tool around that provides a social media score of some sort. Today, it’s Twifficiency which

calculates your twitter efficiency based upon your twitter activity. This includes how many people you follow, how many people follow you, how often you tweet and how many tweets you read.

It also demands OAuth access to your account and then spams your followers with your score and a link, thus rendering many of your followers annoyed at you spamming them. From the tweets around the app, it appears not to inform people that it does an autotweet, so it’s making users angry as well.

So we’re going to see a quick peak of tweets from the app, lots of tweets moaning about the app and some money made for James Cunningham from the ads on the page. Update: as Jonathan points out, I’ve also missed out the number of blog posts talking about it ;-)

It’s just another score, with no indication of whether high or low is good, whether it means anything or what it can be used for. But it’s demonstrating how too many people just follow a link on a page, see a button and press it, without considering the implications – that’s how the malware links spread. At least this one is not asking for user name and password! And it’s going to get exposure for the builder at least.


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