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Peperami are launching a new product, Nibblers, which are bite-size bits of the snack in a bag. They’ve taken the interesting step of using using the service Idea Bounty to create their ad for the product. The crowd-sourcing site is a way for brands to connect with the creative industry for ideas, without the hastle of choosing new agencies, or paying for account management or any of those services and allows creatives to try soem things in areas that they may not have a chance to. It’s not ‘UGC’ as it’s a professional connection service, but it has roots in that area. For this brief, they had 1,185 entries to choose from. Here’s the result

In the publicity, they have focused primarily on the methof of prodcuing the ad, rather than the ad or the product and they seem to be happy with it

“The new ad demonstrates we are relevant and current to our target market, and we are confident that it will herald a successful campaign for the Peperami brand and the legendary Animal.”

I’m obviously not target market as the ad does little for me, but it is in the style of the previous work. maybe far too close, as Adliterate says, #

Fourthly, surely crowd sourcing should be about engaging the wisdom of the crowd to create something new and interesting but what we get here is a ‘90s Lintas ad that’s not quite as funny or interesting precisely because it’s a retread of old work and an old idea. ‘A bit of an animal’ was powerful for the brand when it was conceived because it broke the conventions of the category’s advertising and, along with Tango and Pot Noodle (both from my alma mater HHCL), rewrote the rules of advertising for a generation.

there’s nothing new in the ad, it’s not a new way of looking at the product, just a continuation. Should this new way of idea sourcing generated a new way of looking at the product? Maybe, but I’ve not seen the brief and I have no idea what they asked for. But I don’t agree with some of Richard’s other points. This is not an engagement campaign, to connect with the fans. People who love Peperami do no appear to have been involved in the process, inthe same way as Doritos have done, with public voting and commentary. Idea Bounty is crowd-sourcing from the creative industries, not from brand advocates; as a process it’s taken over a year, with the first announcements about it in August 2009. That’s not a consumer campaign, that’s just a new way of sourcing your marketing.

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  1. Charles says:

    Dull. It’s an even smaller bit of an animal.