links for 2010-08-12

  • This is transmedia storytelling. Large studios and broadcasters, as well as independent filmmakers such as Weiler, are building fictional worlds that smash through their frames on to multiple platforms. Unlike quick promotional spin-offs, this new type of tie-in extends, rather than adapts, storylines. It tells various parts of the story using distinct media, exploiting the qualities unique to each platform. So when you watch a TV show, you might follow a sub-plot that spills on to the web, then read the dénouement in a graphic novel. Yes, writers have long created worlds that go beyond the page — L Frank Baum did as much with his 1900 novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, whose story world he expanded into a musical and other books. But today’s transmedia producers are planning for multiple platforms from the start. They design fictional universes that are consistent however the audience engages.
  • Many of these examples redirect users from Facebook to their own online stores, but given that best practice e-commerce is about making a transaction as easy and seamless as possible, then, depending on the circumstances, keeping a potential customer within a Facebook page generally seems like a sensible option to explore.
  • The ARG started with a hunt on SCVNGR (the mobile treasure hunt app platform) leading players to a secret kill room at Comic-Con to look for more clues, those clues eventually lead you to a special sleep analysis website, with clues pointing to a twitter user named urnameurlife and then onto a person known as “Serial Huntress” who has setup a website for crowdsourcing serial killer convictions. She is currently uploading a new video with information, clues and questions every week in the hope of getting the community to help close the infinity killer case.

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