Actimel and Pedal to Paris

In order to raise money, the Royal British Legion run regular sponsored cycle rides, with their Pedal to Paris now in its 15th year.

One of the sponsors this year, is Actimel, one of the ‘pro-biotic’ drinking yoghurt with lots of live bacteria, and they’ve been busy setting up Twitter and Facebook profiles promoting the cycle ride.


It’s a fairly new account at ActimelUK and the main focus is a contest, where you can win a trip to Paris the weekend of the ride, where I’m guessing you’ll get to see the final part of the ride. You just have to follow them and tweet to them about what your morning would not be complete without, (coffee, it has to be coffee) to be entered into the random draw. The account is chatty, responding to entries and comments whilst slowly following people to get the word out.


You can also enter the contest via their Actimel Facebook page. On their the conversation is a lot more product focused than the Twitter feed, although it seems to have a change of policy or writer recently as the earlier posts were more random.

This seems like early steps into social media marketing for the brand and so far they’re heading in the right direction, taking it easy, not doign follow spam and trying to find their voice. It’s not an easy product to work out how to use social media, as how many people really want to talk about a yoghurt drink, but by focusing on the associated benefits and a great sponsorship, they’re on the right track

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