Orange and Glastonbury

The last few years, Orange have been running (through) a ‘Spot the Bull‘ contest – pick where the bull is going to be in a field, get it right and be entered into a draw for tickets to Glastonbury. This year, there’s still a contest, but it looks like it’s changed. There’s no bull, no random chances, no hitech tracking and video from a field, just an image photoshopped with a little orange welly – Where’s My Welly. Find it, click on it and you’re entered in the draw.

Orange Spot the Welly for Glastonbury
Orange Spot the Welly for Glastonbury (screenshot from site)

As well as the contest, if you already have tickets, you can take advantage of their GlastoNav an augmented reality app, which will display events and locations on the site. It’s definitely available for the iPhone and probably for other smartphones, but they’ve not yet confirmed listings. They’re providing charging stations on site as well.

So it’s a mixture of a digital contest, mobile app and on-site experiential offering, there’s going to be a blog at some point; there’s no facebook page except for the ‘Like’ button. There’s also no mobile version of the site, nor embeddable widget, so it’s been slimmed down a lot since last year. Another area that’s been changed is the promotion. Last year, personal email, this year, an impersonal press release from M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment. Still a good contest, it just feels a lot less friendly and quirky than last year, the brand putting up shutters.

Update: I’ve received an email from the team apologising for the lack of contact; they’re working their way through emails at the moment and not got to me yet. Having had to do this in the past, I can understand the time taken to do a good job with outreach. So, they are being personal still which is great, far better to do this than stick with press release language.

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