links for 2010-06-25

  • AT&T using channels differently to address cusotmer complaints. No joined up thinking in customer service

    "AT&T’s scatter-shot approach to the iPhone 4 #fail, sadly, is the same philosophy adopted throughout much of the corporate world. It can be summed up in one flawed belief: that there are two distinct types of social media channels, the “angry” and the “cheery.” On the former, you can find your everyday trolls, your grouses and your squeaky wheels. (Hint: it rhymes with “bitter.”) And on the latter, you have your sycophants, your fans and your brand boosters. (Right, Facebook.) The logic then is that somehow acknowledging bad news, even the ubiquitous in-your-face stuff, on the happy marketing channel will be upsetting to the community, and so it’s best then to stick with the cheery posts there as if all’s right with the world"

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