Cannes Lions – PR, Activation and Direct

The first round of awards have been announced at Cannes. Loving how much social media and digital there’s in there.


Gatorade found not as many 30+ people were exercising and therefore not buying the product. So they looked for a way to re-ignite the athletic spark by replaying a high school match that ended in a draw. They used the website to tell the stories, produced portable exercise content and used Facebook to allow you to find your old team mates from school. It even encouraged more replay matches to be organised. (Won PR and Promo/Activation)

Orcon and Iggy Pop.

Iggy Pop is not just the face of Swiftcover Insurance. In New Zealand, he’s involved in Orcon Broadband. The premise was to record a version of his song Passenger, using Skype over the broadband. Using ads across Facebook, outdoors and display they called for musicians to upload audition tapes to a special Facebook app. The 9 players chosen then recorded the song, which got used for TV and more. (Won Direct)

On the recruitment market, there’s a lot of movement for social media people, specialists in the area. But I think the first set of winners demonstrate that we are moving beyond the specialist into having people (ie social media) far more integrated into the work than ever before. There’s always a need for expert knowledge, but not as a separate element. As the website was often seen as an afterthought, so was social media. That is now moving to be part of the whole, integrated from the start.

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