Cannes Lions – Canon

The Media Lions were announced today; a Grand Prix was taken by Photochains, an Australian campaign from Leo Burnett, Sydney for the Eos camera from Canon.

The Work

Photochains is simple, it’s all about the inspiration. Start with one image and get inspiration from it to create the next. They started on TV and then moved online, encouraging people to upload the next image in the creative chain or start their own. Over 20k photos were uploaded, as they encouraged people to encourage their friends to load the next image, to join the chain. The site showcased the increasing number of chains and the campaign moved back offline, demonstrating what had been created.

I love this, it’s all about the social object – an image – and how it fits in with your community and the wider network. By adding your photo, 2 objects are created, the image and the new interpretation of the chain. The connection with others activates the human need to share and create. It’s the same motivation behind previous campaigns such as the Google email video, or the longest football passing chain video, but the constraints of those efforts, passing an object across media are removed, it’s all about the inspiration and creation for something new

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