Blur the Game

I play the occasional game, although never really racing games. The few times I’ve played, I’ve been predictably last in them. However, Blur does look good and I’d probably give it a go, given as it expands on the normal racing challenge to bring in some combat elements. The big draw seems to be the multi-player version, with up to 20 people being able to race each other.

Regardless of my lack of racing skill, I do love the outdoor promotion that is being done for the game. Murals have been painted across 3 cities, including this one in Hackney, London by Gavin Nolan. I’ve seen a lot of posts/tweets about this, so it’s definitely catching the imagination. They’re also using Facebook(and Twitter) for promotion, with a lot of comments being generated

Blur Mural in Hackney
Blur Mural in Hackney (used with permission)

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