Domino’s and Foursquare

Last week, at a seminar run by FreshNetworks, I heard a case study of how they had run a promotion with Jimmy Choo, using Foursquare. In essence, it was a London wide treasure hunt, where they checked in on the service at various places and stayed for a few minutes. If you caught them, you’d win the pair of Jimmy Choo trainers they were promoting.

This week, Domino’s announce their own Foursquare promotion in the UK. Slightly less glamorous than designer shoes, NMA are reporting that mayors of their restaurants can get free pizza once a week; if you’re just a member of Foursquare, you can get a free side dish. I wish I knew more, but the Domino’s site has no information visible.

Regardless of the lack of promotion anywhere I can find, I like this idea. In the US, locations like Starbucks are already awarding regular users via Foursquare and it’s no surprise the idea is spreading to the UK.

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