A new Guinness Ad

Guinness Behind The Scences
Guinness Behind The Scences

There’s a new Guinness ad being launched today. I have no idea what it’s about nor what it looks like. What I have had is a series of emails from the PR company charged with promoting the ad; the initial offer was a digital picture frame they were planning on mailing me. As I can’t put that on the blog, I waited until they were able to send me images before posting – which was today, the day the ad opens. And I still have no idea what it’s about.

Overall, Guinness is not working this correctly. If you want bloggers to write about something, then give them some things to write about. Sending an email offering a token prize means nothing if there’s nothing to write about. I believe they would have been far better offering a video preview or images far earlier in the process than they did. It’s been far more of a hassle then it needed to be, which means that my perception of the brand has worsened (which is a hard thing to do considering I used to work for them!)

Update: although they may not be providing the bloggers anything, the mainstream press are getting the ad and the information. From the Media Guardian

The TV ad, called “World”, focuses on how the famous stout looks like it comes alive when a pint is poured.

Guinness’s epic ad was shot in locations including New Zealand, Canada, Fiji and the UK.

It features a group of men who bring life to a barren landscape by populating the ocean with fish, dragging fields of grass into place and supplying fresh water.

As the 90-second commercial unfolds Guinness aims to draw a parallel with the famous “surge and settle” motion that typifies the pouring of a pint and introduce the new strapline “Bring it to life”.

Created by ad agency AMV BBDO, the commercial will first air in high definition on Sky Sports 2 during the Champions League clash between Liverpool and Lyon tonight from 7.45pm.

Guinness has linked up with Google Earth to allow web users to “bring an imaginary planet to life” in a simplified version of games such as Civilization or Sim City called “Guinness World”.

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