I get almost all of my groceries delivered from Ocado. As a company they seem to be pretty good. They have a pretty good ordering website. They have green credentials, allowing you to to book the optimal delivery time plus recycling their bags. They have a lovely iPhone and Blackberry app. They’re even on Twitter as OcadoUK. But they are still managing to annoy me by falling down on their Direct Marketing and CRM, which taints the whole brand for me.

There are two main things with their emails, both related to lack of targeting. Considering they have all my shopping information, they should be able to get this stuff right. The first thing they do is send me emails with offers that are completely irrelevant – I’ve never bought a single baby thing so why send me emails of those offers. The second, even more annoying, is the continuous pushing of their on demand service. Given I probably order once every 3 weeks if not even less frequently, the service is not cost-effective for me (it’s about paying a fixed price for ‘free’ delivery) – they should easily be able to tell this from the data they have.

So we have a online brand that is doing a lot of things right, pushing out how you can interact with them and it falls down with their oldest digital marketing tool, the email. Enough so that every time I get an erroneous email it lessens their worth (not to get it wrong, they do send useful offers). What would be good? Let me rank the usefulness of each email so that they get better targeting and I only get the ones that I may end up using. Or at least record which offer codes I use and send me less of the ones I never touch!

You have to think about the whole package, every single touchpoint is a potential fail point. nthis case, Ocado definitely have an issue.

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  1. Charles says:

    Always important to aim for consistency of communication in all aspects of a business as you point out.