Quest TV Again

After a launch earlier in the year that fell down at the last minute, Quest TV have regathered themselves and are trying again tomorrow, as part of the re-launch and re-tune of the Freeview channels/

They’ve sent me a few key facts for your enjoyment.

  • Quest is a new entertainment channel launching on 30th September on Freeview
  • Quest is on Freeview Channel 38
  • The channel will transmit daily from 10am – midnight
  • The programming will be a mix of quality drama, outdoor adventure series, documentary series and user-generated video clip shows

As part of the outreach programme, it looks like they have connected back with the bloggers who went to the first launch and offered them some more information, such as this promo for Rescue Me, a fun US drama created by and starring Denis Leary. Hope you enjoy it this time round

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