I’m still here

Apologies as I seem to be going through a blogging crisis, so much so I’m not blogging anywhere. Which is strange given the large number of open tabs I have sitting across the various browsers and machines I have all ready to be written about.

I was going to kick start it again with my regular reviews of videos. However, with YouTube seemlingly now not letting me see worldwide lists and firmly only giving me a UK perspective plus the end of summer and what looks like a lack of videos out there, there’s nothing to talk about. So I’ll go back to thinking about writing about all the other stories I have ready to go and share this slide show with you. It’s not the tools you use but how you use them that matters

PS: I think the UK site needs more display advertising. At the moment it’s defaulting to 2 text ads – for Tampax and Mazda car scrappage deal. I’m wondering how I fit into both targets.

You Tube Text Ads (not real clickable ads)
You Tube Text Ads (not real clickable ads)

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