Pointless Babble on Twitter

Pear Analytics have just completed a study about the types of things people talk about on Twitter and made what was, to them, a surprising conclusion. It’s not as surprising to me though.

Study: took a random sample of 2000 tweets over a 2 week period (not that many really). Reviewed to see if Spam, News, Self-Promotional, Pass-along, conversational or pointless babble.

Hypothesis: That Twitter was being used predominantly for self-promotion, pushign a product or service

Conclusion: The most popular tweet type is the ‘pointless babble’, just random stuff about people, with 40.55%. Second was conversational types, with 37.55

They’re surprised, I’m not. Most people exist in a small group, they have <100 followers, many of whom they will know. They don’t tweet too often but there’s a lot of them so it adds up. It’s all between these communities, it’s gossip and passing of time, it’s stating what they are doing to their group. It’s the ambient intimacy thing, bring people closer together. The number of people who use Twitter with an active purpose has alsways seemed to be to be small. Yes, they’re active and they can drown out others if you have them in your stream, but they are not the majority. For brands, the natural way of acting is not the way that most of the rest of Twitter works!

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