Police Hunt for Model

Police, the fashion house rather than the force or the band, are looking for “a new face for the next international advertising campaign 2010!” You can submit your entry to the Be Younique contest up until Aug 30th and every 2 weeks, a new set of finalists will be chosen, with the winner being chosen from the 60 finalists in early September. The first stages use user voting to determine the winners, the winner is chosen by a panel.

The Viral Factory have produced a video are helping to promote this contest,; it’s definitely a unique video, mildly amusing ;) I’m guessing mainly men were involved in the creative process, as it definitely seems to be focused on a particular male challenge. The video was produced by 1861United,Italy.

It’s shown on the front of the site as well. However, I really wish they wouldn’t do this – calling something viral when it’s not really racked up the views (around 4k at the moment) is a little flase advertising.

Be Younique
Be Younique

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