Fingrz of Fury

Juliette Lewis amd Orange Films (used with permission)
Juliette Lewis amd Orange Films (used with permission)

Orange are back, with their latest Orange Film Cinema ad for Fngrz of Fury. The ad was shot by Fallon, the digital stuff was put together by Poke.

On the site you have:

  • the trailer for the film Fngrz of Fury, all about the texting, Kung-Fu fighters
  • The cinema ad featuring Juliette Lewis, who’s lsightly surprised at some of the change the Orange Film team have made
  • Wallpapers and downloads.
  • A competition, to send in your own Film names for Orange, with the winner getting a night out at a film premiere.
  • An spoof interview with a film critic
  • A fun game where you pit your finger skills against various monsters. (embedded below)

I like all of this; I’ve been a fan of these movies for a while and happy to see another one, even if the film title is so, so bad. It’s still better than anything else I can come up with. The game is fun and the graphic style a welcome change from the more usual cartoony, off the shell things I see. I’m enjoying the game play (I can actually do this one!), even if it’s pitting keyboard typing against big monster finger texting – can you get on the leaderboard?

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