Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix

Vodafone have pulled together a lovely little competition to tie in with the Formula One races, calling it the Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix. Vodafone are a sponsor of the Mecedes McLaren team.

  • First of all, you need to sign up
  • Then, pick your team. You have a choice of 10 drivers across 5 different cities. You need to pick 2 for your team.
  • When the race starts, Vodafone track the taxi drivers – using the GPS in their HTC Magic phones. The miles are totalled up. The idea is to complete the race distance in the shortest time. The race distance is that of the target F1 Grand Prix, it was the British one last week, next it’s the German one. Over 5 races, you score points for distance and time, so the person with the highest points wins a trip to the Italian Grand Prix (there’s lots of other prizes too)
  • Keep an eye on your drivers. You get lots of statistics about them, so if your driver is not travelling enough, you can swap them around to improve your mileage.
  • Come back again and again!
Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix (screenshot from site)
Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix (screenshot from site)

This is a pretty nigty idea. A contest connected with the real world and real people. You get brief bios of the drivers, who are also twittering, so you see what they are getting up to, so over time, you’ll get to know the drivers and what they are like. The mechanic is simple and the interaction allowed keeps you coming back

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One Response to Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix

  1. Ben Ellis says:

    Glad you like the site, I was responsible for the IA, so hopefully people are finding the site easy enough to use and are motivated enough to come back and try and win the race.