Videos 8 June 09

Britain’s Got Talent is over and the video rankings have far more variety this week. Highest ranked product video is this one demonstrating the new features of XB0x360. Taking a close look at the success of the Wii, they introduce a system where your whole body is a controller. All I can ask is why? Doing some of this stuff I’d end up wrecking the living room (it’s too small). What’s wrong with just lying on the couch ;) The video is in the list a few times, from different accounts.

But the most successful product this week is the Carl Jr Portabello Mushroom Burger, which is running a YouTube campaign. it looks like they are sponsoring a number of prominent video makers to create a video around the product. They’re all good and slightly mad. Given the combined number of views across all these videos, that’s what I call a successful campaign, with a high degree of relevance and reaching out to many different audiences.

Nigahiga has the most watched version.

From smosh

The anti-Carls Jr parody

from WasteTimeChasingCars

The official version – which is no fun at all, far too much ‘serious’ advertising

From Hot for Words

from iJustine

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