T-Mobile Sing-a-long

Here’s what T-Mobile were up to on Thursday, a sing-a-long. The ad is the crowd singing Hey Jude, with some glimpses of Pink, but she’s not the focus, the crowd is. The first video is the full 4 minutes of the song, the second is a recording of the 2 minute ad that appeared on TV (the official channel does not have it yet). At some point I’m guessing there’ll be a 30′, digital billboards and all other stuff. (just as I was writing this, the 30′ was on TV)

I like this, it’s far more authentic than the dance ones, where they’ve hired a bunch of professionals to turn up and do the dance. This really was a flash mob, called together through teaser videos, some judicious seeding and word of mouth. Apparently 13,500 people turned up to sing-a-long. As demonstrated by the many videos on YouTube and images around, many of them had cameras and phones. I;ve seen a lot of buzz about this, so I think it worked for them, at least from a brand awareness side. Given the current company situation, I think they need it!

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