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div class=”delicious-link”a href=””The death of the microsite, act IV / we are social/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”Robin Grant about how client needs are changing/div
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div class=”delicious-link”a href=””Whuffie Math | ::HorsePigCow:: marketing uncommon/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”A publisher only wants to send books to #039;influencers#039;. Tara asks for them to goes who want it. Who will write about it and spread the word. those who asked or those who she #039;spammed#039;/div
div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””Marketing/a a href=””socialmedia/a a href=””community/a a href=””communication/a a href=””whuffie/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=””Pepsi: Pepsi Yankees Promotion Leads To Fans Chanting quot;Pepsi Sucks!quot;/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”Pepsi promotion/div

div class=”delicious-link”a href=””Shouting ‘LOL’ in a crowded theatre |
div class=”delicious-extended”Chris Applegate on Trolling, Griefery and general dickery/div
div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=”″web2.0/a a href=””community/a a href=””presentation/a a href=””socialmedia/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=””Brand Autopsy: The 10-10-10 Consequences Model/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”Thinking about consequences of actions. 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years/div
div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””business/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=”,0,560029,full.column”The rigors of life unplugged – Los Angeles Times/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”How a group of students tried to spend a week with no electronic devices/div
div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””youth/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=””Digital agencies on Twitter (or are they?) | Blog | Econsultancy/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”List of top 50 agencies and whether they are visible on Twitter/div
div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””twitter/a a href=””agency/a a href=””agencies/a a href=””socialmedia/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=””Top-10 Information Architecture (IA) Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen#039;s Alertbox)/a/div

div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””Design/a a href=””usability/a a href=””webdesign/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=””:: Comments on Disruptive Media ::/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”Brian Sollis about of approaching and workign with PR (video/presentation)/div
div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””socialmedia/a a href=””PR/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=””How to get started in social media if you don’t have any time | Creativity_Unbound/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”Starter steps – Twitter, Ning, Stumbleupon/div
div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””socialmedia/a a href=””business/a)/div
div class=”delicious-link”a href=””Want to succeed at social media? Strive to create evangelists. | Creativity_Unbound/a/div
div class=”delicious-extended”Good guidelines on creating corporate social media account/div
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