Following up on T-Mobile

Campaign has a piece in the dead-tree edition today, about the latest T-Mobile ad, about how agencies can follow a successful execution.

It says about the singalong event in Traflagar Square “lacks something of the spontaneous feel of its predecessor, probably because of the organised nature of the event”.

Personally, I think something of the opposite. The dance video was highly organised, highly choreographed. They knew exactly what the the performers would do, it was just the spectators who were an unknown. In this, part from the idea, everything was an unknown. You could predict what could happen, but you had no idea the numbers, or whether they would join in. Imagine if it had been a damp squid and about 3 people had turned up.

From the spectator point of view, it was far more spontaneous, a real flash mob, a surprise event. I’m guessing many people felt far closer to the brand than with the dance.

I do agree that from an outside, see it on the telly or the digital billboard it does not work as well, it is not as exciting, but it was far more in the moment than the dance.

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