BBC Poetry Season

I like poetry, or at least some poetry. I prefer short stuff, nothing too difficult; I dip in and out of the various anthologies I have, working through my favourites. At the moment, I’m loving the promos the BBC are running for their Poetry season. They continue the tradition of bring poetry to all, mainstream focused and just good fun. As well as the TV proms, they’ve also put together some specific web one.

First, we have Jerusalem by William Blake, turned into the strange quotes from a footballer. Although I’m not sure you’d have all these people watching a press conference, the strangeness definitely fits.

We’ve also got The King Blues, quoting Byron, a moment of stillness and contemplation in the midst of a rock gig. (you can also find the video on their MySpace)

As well as the two above, the BBC YouTube channel has a whole bunch of interviews with various celebrities, talking about how poetry has influenced them.

On the BBC site, you can vote for your favourite poet (my vote went to Yeats), find out about the many programmes they are doing on the subject or the live events. According to the email I received, there’s also supposed to be a widget I can embed, but that seems to have failed to arrive at the moment.

What I think

The email pitch was nicely done, polite, all the information required, from someone I’d previously met. Definitely not a mass emailing there. The videos are lovely, then again it’s the BBC, so you’d expect that.

The site itself acts as a hub to all the other content that is being offered, an information hub. At the moment, the only interactivity is the voting. I’ll take a look at the promised widget when it arrives. A solid site, nothing spectacular, but supporting the season well.

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2 Responses to BBC Poetry Season

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  2. JODIE SEAL says:

    East London production company “Squarezero” have just completed their version of Rasta poet- Benjamin Zephaniah’s ‘The British’ for the BBC poetry season.

    The viral will be aired this week and features 9 British students reciting his poem around a restaurant table-spicing it up and making poetry once again accessible to England’s youth.