Videos 27 Apr 09

YouTube is still full of Britain’s Got Talent and the odd bit of Miss California. But highest rated product video is this ‘flash mob’ from Trident, with 100 Single Ladies dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Yawn. Another ‘flash-mob’, made up of the most un-casual group of people hanging around Piccadilly circus with what looks like press already invited. I would have just done this as an ‘event’ with out the pretend surprise element. It’s time to move on!

This is to promote Trident sponsoring a Beyonce concert. Add the last 4 digits of your barcode and you get entered into a ballot to get one of 3000 pairs of tickets to an exclusive concert at the London 02 arena.

That’s it, a most uninspiring list this week, with multiple versions of the same thing. I need some more creativity.

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