Twitter backs first UK ad partner

Twitter Partners (screenshot from site)
Twitter Partners (screenshot from site)

Update: It seems that NMA just got far too excited about this story and forgot to check with Twitter, who have issued a statement saying there is absolutely no affiliation between them and this new company.

However, the name, branding, and suggestion that Twitter has some kind of equity partnership or an agreement of any kind in place is misleading and wrong. We’ll be working with Peter and his team to clear up this confusion.

Twitter backs first UK partner. Or so says the front page headline on the New Media Age (no links to them..they do not appear to like links). It’s all about a new company called Twitter Partners, which is ‘affiliated’ with Twitter and has apparently signed up some UK companies such as Gorillaz, Paramount, Universal Pictures and Lionsgate.

From the site they are:

building a suite of apps, tools and services to help brands, media companies, and celebrities harness the power of the Twitter ecosystem

So it’s a high profile launch of a branding and social media consultancy agency, which will be building stuff on the Twitter API for companies to help manage their reputation on the service. The only reason I see this being front page news is that it has a lot of interesting people on the ‘About Us‘ page and NMA have got blinded by the word Twitter. There are a lot of tools and companies out there that already do what they do. But with backing and a profile, they are in a position to go out to brands and sooth them, tell them it’s all OK, this Twitter thing is scary but they can help them through it.

Help and outsourcing of experience and skill is the reason why companies employ advertising and marketing agencies in the first place – but is there any reason to have a Twitter agency only? No, not really. Twitter is just one tactic in a whole sea of social media; it needs to be seen as part of the larger communication structure and built into the communications plan. Hiving it off to a separate agency can only lead to difficulties if they don’t work well with the others or if it’s not considered as a customer service route (that’s in towards the company) as well as a marketing route (out towards the customer). Although, if they are focusing on consultancy, maybe that’s one of the messages that Twitter Partners will be saying.

PS: it’s obviously a new company that has not yet got enough Googlejuice to register on search yet. But they’re at least savvy enough to buy the ad

Ad for Twitter Partners on Google (screenshot from site)
Ad for Twitter Partners on Google (screenshot from site)

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  1. A twitter reputation agency owned by twitter ?