Smart Thinking Soldier

Update: Just realised that throughout this piece and when I’ve been talking to people I’ve been calling this Smart Thinking Soldier when it’s actually Start Thinking Soldier. Think my way is better ;)

In the past, the Army have delivered some really smart campaigns that take you from the TV ad (or other offline channel) back to the website where they can immerse you in the story and get you spending a lot more time with their content in an effort to sign you up.

Their latest campaign, Smart Thinking Soldier, does exactly that again. The TV ads leave you with a scenario for you to choose what to do next. Online, the story continues with some smart gameplay in tagging IEDs and navigating tunnels. But that’s as far as I got. In a similar way to Lucy, writing in The Guardian, I’m defeated by technology. A combination of too heavy content that freezes my machine on occasion, a very fluid mouse interaction that leaves me sea-sick when I’m hunting around a room for IED elements and a navigation system that leaves me not being able to direct my player round a maze.

The site looks good, has great content, brilliant interactive elements, downloads a lot of information for you but leaves me wanting more – wanting to actually play it! I’m wondering if they would have been better off making the whole thing a downloadable app?

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