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I received an email from Samsung the other day. Apparently, having bought a TV from them is enough for them to think I like football as well, so they’ve sent me some news about their site Samsung Football and a competition to play at Stamford Bridge against ‘football legends’.

Samsung Football (image from email)
Samsung Football (image from email)

Let’s see what’s wrong with this.

  • The only contact I recall having with Samsung is when I registered by new TV. Although I ticked the ‘send me news’ box, the sending of a a football based email suggests to me their segmentation is not brilliant. (I could be wrong about this; I;ve written about Samsung a few times before so I may have given them my email for a different sign up)
  • The email asks me to ‘click here to enter’. I do and get taken to the generic welcome page for their fan section ‘The Terraces’, with an autoplay video. Where’s the competition? If you want me to click through, take me where I think I’m going.
  • Click on the most obvious video and I get a 30second promo (I guess by some footballer) talking about uploading images. But where?
  • Eventually work out that at the bottom of the page is a series of images and a form to submit my own. But the calls to action, the call to upload images, the sell about the prize, the reasons why I may want to do this are all missing. I landed on this page and had no idea what I was supposed to do. Putting the briefest of messages in a video puts a barrier up. Maybe I have no sound, nor the time to watch it. Having the call to action in text is always a better option than video alone.

Don;t get me wrong, I think this is a good competition and prize for someone who loves football and Chelsea, but I just think it’s missing a lot in the consumer journey from email to site that would not take too much to fix the next time.

Samsung Football (screenshot from site)
Samsung Football (screenshot from site)

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