Videos 9 Mar 09

The highest rated product video this week is this one from Vanilla Ice, saying Sorry. On the surface, it’s not a product video at all..but it’s been grabbed from a Virgin Mobile campaign called Right Music Wrongs

Next up is one for Playstation, where “2008 American League MVP, and MLB 09 The Show cover athlete, Dustin Pedroia debates with PlayStaiton (sic)whether he can hit the high-and-inside fastball.” I copied and pasted that as I actually have no idea what it means. It’s nice to see even ‘professionals’ can do typos, considering the ones I have on this blog!

That’s it for the week, pretty quiet overall.

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One Response to Videos 9 Mar 09

  1. Charles says:

    Is it me or does he look only about 5 years older.

    Also it was a rip off but a bloody catchy one. Lots of original music out there that was never as memorable.

    I guess I’d better watch the video now but we were talking about this earlier. You know how it is :)