Videos 23 Mar

I was at SXSW last week so missed doing a video blog post. I also missed posting about the top ranking video form last week that popped up in my inbox from my friends in the Viral Factory. Now I’m annoyed that I did not see this before as it is absolutely brilliant and I could have had great fun in the US trying to explain this to all the tech geeks (although, they may have seen Babe and know what sheepdogs do!). This is all in aid of Samsung and their LED TV. I’m a big fan of Samsung and would love a Series 9 TV as promoted by this campaign; pragmatism reigned though and I bought a Series 6 a few weeks ago. It’s been a lovely TV to date, all that I expected ;)

That’s the only product video in the list for this week – but you have to admit it’s a good one.

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