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The other week I attended an evening networking event connecting bloggers with Not-for-Profit PR people. Most conversations were about connecting the groups directly with their customers/enthusiasts/supporters but some were about using social media for marketing. One such charity that is doing both is the RSPCA.

The RSPCA have recently launched a campaign to remind you about your Animal Welfare Footprint, a deliberate reference to the carbon footprint. Through a combination of online advertising (Lateral) and social media outreach (Immediate Future), they are looking to raise the profile of their new site.

The ads take a look at a common situations to see of you can spot the ‘problem’.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint (Screenshot from Lateral site)
RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint (Screenshot from Lateral site)

Clicking through takes you to the site, where you can take a quiz to test your own awareness.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint site (screenshot from site)
RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint site (screenshot from site)

The quiz gives you tips to reduce your footprint, reminding you of all the areas of your life that potentially has an impact on animals. You can also go to their YouTube channel, their Facebook page, which is a more general group not specific to the campaign. There’s also links out to other campaigns, such as the one about Supporting Chicken Welfare.

What I think

I like all the bits, but I’m a little underwhelmed here. For me, there’s a lack of consistency across the elements, even within the one campaign. I love the creative on the online ads and was disappointed when I hit the site not to find that continued. The site itself is very nice, especially the way you move through the quiz. But overall, I’m finding that there is a disconnect; I think I’d like to be able to easily see if I’m on an RSPCA site without looking for the logo.

This part of the campaign is using social media as a marketing tool, but the RSPCA do foster 2 way, longer term, dialogue through their Facebook page, with over 100k members and are continuously looking for new ways to connect with their supporters. I look forward to seeing how they do.

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