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An interesting email came through today, about Idea Bounty, where brands can put forward briefs for creatives to send in their ideas for a reward. The blrub says:

Clients: Get thousands of minds thinking about your brief and only pay for what you use.
Creatives: Get paid for your best ideas with no long term commitment from you.

So brands are basically crowd-sourcing the creative process and probably paying a reduced amount of money then employing an agency. I’m ambivalent about the concept, I can see that for a brand it is a great way to get a huge variety of new ideas and for creatives it means they may be able to work on brands they normally would not because they don’t have the brief. Subverting the agency process can be a good idea, I’d be curious to see if the brand think they miss something or if this a sustainable process. You don’t actually have to produce any materials for the entries to the brioef, it’s just the idea that they are after.

The last bounty was for Levi’s who paid a grand total of $3000 for the idea, which is pretty cheap but fromt he brand but may be more than the creative would normally get, so it can be a win-win for both parties.

The current brief is for Red Bull, which I think is a pretty exciting brand to work on. For a bounty of $5000 you get this challenge:

Red Bull has been available for 21 years in several countries and has always remained the number 1 Energy Drink since its launch. Drinking Red Bull in your favourite club, bar or restaurant symbolises fun, activity, open–mindedness, and an eagerness to meet people. We want you to develop a concept for a new Red Bull drinking ritual that captures all these values.

I’m guessing they want to move away from the vodka-Reb Bull tag and introduce something different.

They’re also announcing the winner of the last brief, which was for BMW cars. Gary Willmott, of creative production company Urbian, won $3,000 for his idea to answer this brief:

BMW – asked for ideas to create a branded BMW activation and mechanic that would entice potential new drivers to opt in for future BMW communication

I’d tell you more, but the press release (which is embargoed until now) has little information on what was actually presented and lots of puff about the concept!

What I think

As a pitch, it was a little short on social media aspects, I got a press release which was short on details and a link to the site. As an idea, I liked it; I’d not seen it before but I can see the advantages for both parties. The proof is in the development and I’d love to see how the previous winning ideas have been executed.

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One Response to Idea Bounty

  1. matt says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the mention. We’ve devloped Idea Bounty to give clients access to fresh perspectives adn solutions (yes, at a lower cost), and hopefully a way to go back to the agency (who we see as remaining the brand custodians) with an innovative solution to craft.
    A lot of people have asked to see the final winning Ideas, but after speaking to a number of brands upfront we decided it was essential that brands retain the strategic advantage of not having their Idea publically displayed. So far its been well recieved and everyone is seeing the value in a bit of disruption :)
    Really happy to discuss in more detail if you like. Thanks again.
    matt @ Idea Bounty