Cadbury’s Fairtrade Webcast

Cadbury announced today that all of their coca beans would be Fairtrade certified, a result of the work done by the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership in Ghana. And to help promote this, they ran a live webcast at Cadburylive to answer your questions.

A very simple site, with just the video and a form to add your name and question, it seemed to work quite well.

Cadbury's Webcast (screenshot from site)
Cadbury's Webcast (screenshot from site)

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One Response to Cadbury’s Fairtrade Webcast

  1. Lea Simpson says:

    Hey, thanks for writing about our webcast. I thought you might also want to know we’re writing a blog with all our adventures in Fairtrade and stories from Cadbury’s heritage in Ghana.

    I’m the blog editor. Stop by some time at