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I’m getting mildly excited about the new Watchmen film, enough so that I’m contemplating buying the book to see what all the fuss is about, why everyone praises it. Which is a pretty interesting choice for me as I never find graphic novels that interesting as an input device. As befits a genre movie, they have a lot of online activity going on, much of it over at The New Frontiersman, a great source of images, films and text in the alternate world of the Watchmen. Many of the assets are available on other channels as well, such as YouTube, the New Frontiersman photostream at Flickr, the Twitter account and the Friendfeed account.

So you won’t miss anything, they’ve also got this cool embed TV player, that will bring you the latest from the ‘verse.

Another lovely little piece of content is the ‘widget’, which brings you the more ‘official’ stuff instead the extended reality content

What do I think

You couldn’t do a film like this without all of the extra stuff, given the target audience. However, I think what has been done is very good and is garnering a lot of online excitement as the quality is excellent. It’s not an add on as so many are, but fundamental to the story. As Adam from Rubber Republic says in his email to me:

…this really shows how online platforms shouldn’t merely promote a film but actually be a crucial of part of the narrative, extending and respecting the graphic novel’s rich backstory, offering the online audience added layers, access to the source materials and dimensions there are in the original ‘Watchmen’ masterpiece.

Exactly what should be done with this type of the campaign, something that is so often forgotten or just ignored. The web should not just be used to push the content that will end up on the screen but to add to it and be a piece of entertainment/storytelling in its own right.

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