Alfa Mito Rally

Alfa have produced an interesting game to support the launch of their new car, the Alfa Mito, it’s the Mito Rally

Alfa Mito. Screenshot from site
Alfa Mito. Screenshot from site

The game is spread across 10 sites, such as TopGear, Maxim and MSN. Each site basically has the same flash game, with different stages of a racing game. You have to compete in all 10 stages to be in with a chance of winning one of the prizes – a Wii, iPod Touch and IPod Nano each week and a Alfa Mito for the overall winner of the 9 week contest.

Lovely idea here, taking the common flash racing game idea and adding a great media spin to it – I’m guessing there’s all the placements are ‘added value’ instead of straight media buys. At each point, there are reminders to test drive the car, find a dealer or get more information, pushing the idea that you have to get out and drive the car.

When you go to play the game, you get offered the chance to login/create an account – or just play as guest. This reduces the barrier so that you can play before you commit to giving away your information. The race itself is pretty straighforward, each version just having a different background. I was a little disappointed with the game itself, there was no real crashes or bangs when I drove into things! But the concept and general execution is very good.

Alfa Mito Race - Screenshot from site
Alfa Mito Race - Screenshot from site

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One Response to Alfa Mito Rally

  1. pbh says:

    I wouldn’t think crashing the car they are advertising would be good for the campaign, eh?