Virgin Red Hot again

As the Virgin Still Red Hot ad gets played more and makes its way round the blogs, it’s fun to see the different reactions.

Chris had a similar reaction to me, bemoaning the fact Virgin Atlantic forgot to put in a good way for the video to be shared over and above the YouTube copies. He also says in the comments:

Who’d have thought it. Relax gone from banned by the BBC to advertising another British institution.

Zoe did not like it at all, with her reaction and conversation about the ad on Twitter.

Oh Virgin, if only your ad was ironic and post-modern, rather than dated & sexist.

I had a bunch of different reactions on Twitter:

Andresvarela: Customer 15+ years but don’t understand why they’ve done this (so overtly). Was the ‘VirginAtlanicHubbaHubba’ domain taken?

emmapotter: Very cool. Maintains Virgin’s brand positioning as glamorous and fun. Beats its competitors out of the water, as ever

Brodie_san: Asteroids! Awesome! Also, the tallest women I have ever seen. With the biggest aura too! :)

A completely different reaction from another who focused on the background, not the main images

“A blast from the past!! Our Price records!! Bought many an album there… Ahhh Vinyl!”

Over on Scamp’s blog, you’ve got a whole load of reaction, from it being sexist, to numerous sexist comments about the women in the ad to the absolutely pedantic:

Does anyone know what the record is that the lad in OurPrice store is holding?

Big Country – Steel Town. Released in November 1984 so about 11 months early for a 25th anniversary ad.

Is it good? Is it sexist? It’s definitely noticeable, cutting through a lot of the stuff that’s on in the ad break.

But the key thing? It’s being talked about, it’s polarising and people seem to love it or hate it. The worst thing for a brand is apathy, nobody interested in one way or the other.

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4 Responses to Virgin Red Hot again

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  2. ms sheila holt says:

    im still trying to find the man who is dress as a pilot in the red hot virgin ad .i think he is sex on legs more sexier than all the young ladies in the ad. if any one no the where abouts of the sexy man in the ad.hopfully you ll let me know sheila in london

  3. sheila holt says:

    right no reply yet to my request. i wrote in june 09. but no one seems to kno. who is that sexy man dressed as a pilot in the 25th red hot virgin ad i really would like to know come on guys some one should know the answer i would like to meet him ya

  4. jaqui says:

    His name is Mike Dale find him at