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Many of the videos in the YouTube lists for last week are TV grabs from the US Air plane ditching in the water, there’s plenty of copies from different news broadcasts. The highest ranked product video is this one from T-Mobile. Filmed on Thursday 15th, on the TV on Friday, Saatchi’s use the idea of a flashmob to bring a few minutes of manic dancing to Liverpool St station, the location for many a previous real flashmob. Here, they work with the station (well, I assume they did) to get the music played over the system so everyone can here it – and join in. The video below is not actually the one with the most YouTube views but is a higher quality version from the T-Mobile Channel Life’s for Sharing
. The higher views are from a grab of the ad shown on TV; JonJonBaker suddenly had a hit on his hands with the ad and got luckier with the search results. Although looking at the numbers later, the official version is increasing its views, probably due to the ads on the YouTube:

TMobile Dance (Screenshot from site)
TMobile Dance (Screenshot from site)

They reached out to local bloggers such as @flashboy to get them to come along and did a heavy outreach to bloggers with the video later:

Twitter about T-Mobile Ad
Twitter about T-Mobile Ad

And has annoyed some people such as @qwghlm

Another Twitter about the T-Mobile Ad
Another Twitter about the T-Mobile Ad

Ulike Chris, I like this, I smile when I watch it. Yes, the flashmob thing has been done before and this is a blatant rip-off of the Improv Everywhere events but it’s done well here, it’s fun and you can see people getting involved. However, I feel they could have been slightly more transparent with what they are saying in the YouTube commentary:

Watch the moment hundreds of commuters danced in a train station and see how they pulled off the event with exclusive footage from behind the scenes

Given they give you rehearsal footage it’s obviously not a random group of commuters as is implied, it’s a group of professionals. They could put the right slant on this and give credit where credit is due for the idea. Interestingly in the blog post from Richard, a commenter discusses having seen scripts where they use the freeze idea, from Improv, so there’s been a few attempts at this.

With what looked like none of the same PR push, a Spanish ad for what Eristoff Black Vodka is up there as well. I was going to take a look at the brand, but it has such an annoyingly, huge, slow loading flash file that I gave up looking for product information as it took too long to find things. A brand that definitely needs to rethink the digital part of the marketing.

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3 Responses to Videos 19 Jan 09 – T-Mobile

  1. jonjonbaker says:

    I don’t think that lifesforsharing will catch my video up, since it was posted 5 days ago now, it has already received quite a drop in views.

    This would probably be due to everyone being at work or at school. Figures have shown that the main audience around the world are Female and between ages 15-20.

    You will now see that T-Mobile are showing the shortened version in between breaks on Channel 4 but the company who made the actual video has and I think made a slight error in using which parts of the video to use in the new shortened version.

    With Youtube you can use the insight button – (how I got the audience gender info), which is only accessible to the author, the “Hotspot” button is used to see which parts of the video most people have shown most interest in, sadly these hot spots are not shown on the new shortened version.


  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the info, especially about the audience. I’d love to compare that against the ‘official version’ which had a targeting plan whereas yours was a far more organic spread.

    What did you think of the ad?

  3. jonjonbaker says:

    To be honest I was just at the right place at the right time. I’d like to point out that the program which I used to export the advert is called Eyetv which is available on Mac.

    I absolutely love this advert, at the time I saw it, I knew this was Youtube material and would grab a large audience. I’m now waiting for it to hit the big 1,000,000, which I estimate by the end of tonight.

    I travel to Liverpool Street every morning myself and laugh to at the thought of seeing hundreds of random people dancing around.

    I have seen some really positive comments, and some really stupid ones. The majority are positive tho. Mostly saying how everyone wishes that they could have been a part in the video, and how it made their days and made them smile.

    This is the kind of video which should be in the most viewed section every week.