Lactacyd Protect Yourself

Adfreak brings you this new ad from GlaxoSmithKlineBeacham for their vaginal protection creme Lactacyd. It’s in your face and not for the feint-hearted. Where WAS the camera?? Would love to read the brief for this shoot and the director instructions.

Looking at this from a digital perspective, the only site that seems to be on the web is the UK one, but this has NO connection with the ad, which is colourful and in your face. The site is discrete, polite and, fundamentally, boring. Why push in one channel but not reflect that elsewhere? If you are going to do something outrageous, then follow through!

Lactacyd - screenshot from site
Lactacyd - screenshot from site

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One Response to Lactacyd Protect Yourself

  1. rachel
    there are strict rules about pharma advertising as I discovered recently doing some work on OBS (overactive bladder syndrome – look it up!).
    You can do a film, an ad but there must be no reference or link back to the parent company and no ‘advice’ given.

    It’s madness. The industry specialises in ‘workrounds’ which make a mockery of the legislation.