Sephora Makeover

There’s a lot of ‘load up you face’ apps out there, it’s always a favourite way to get interaction, engagement and personalisation. The logic behind the choice and the connection with the brand is not always clear, but this Mistletoe Makeover tool from Sephora is a great little app to play around with.

Load up your face, adjust the parameters and the make-up company adds the latest looks to your face, all made with their products. You can pick your favourite and send it along to your friends – which sends them a code to add a free lipstick or mascara to a purchase (WINKORKISS)

Sephora makeup (Screenshot from site)
Sephora makeup (Screenshot from site)

They’ve got a busy Sephora Facebook page as well, which has over 48k members and seem to regularly put up offers and contests, as well as being active in the group there.

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