Lists, lists and more lists.

There’s a whole bunch of lists been published by blogging friends, what you don’t want to hear in various situations. So here’s a round up of the ones you should be reading – and my favourites (it’s also a way to keep track of them all in one post). I was going to write one myself, but by the time the weekend came, they’d all been done!

First was Jeffrey Zeldman, with 20 signs that you don’t want that web design project. Things I’ve heard myself:

7. Client can’t articulate a single desired user goal. He also can’t articulate a business strategy, an online strategy, a reason for the site’s existence, or a goal or metric for improving the website. In spite of all that, client has designed his own heavily detailed wireframes.

13. The client wants web 2.0 features but cannot articulate a business strategy or user goal.

Then there’s Chris, with his 20 signs that you don’t want that Social Media Project

2. Client has a “hilarious” viral they want you to “seed”, which turns out to be their latest TV ad on YouTube.

9. Client insists that you anonymously post links to their site on a range of forums.

16. Every Tweet you post to client’s official Twitter stream has to be OK’ed by the brand manager first.

There’s 21 signs that you don’t want in your online marketing pitch from Tom

4. Pitch includes the phrases “the new Facebook” or “Facebook for X” (where X is some niche group that nobody cares about, not even the people in the group).

6. You refer to your video as “viral” when it hasn’t even been made publicly available yet.

15. Your website is a single Flash entity that takes an hour to load, contains no permalinks, and has content that isn’t embeddable or shareable in any way apart from a link pointing to the root URL.

And Suw has signs that you don’t want the internal social media project

1. Client wants to code their own blog/wiki software because “we want total control”.

6. When you ask how much experience staff have of social media, IT replies, “Oh, we block all those sites.”

And finally, 21 ways to tell if your social media expert is a carpetbagger from Beth and Geoff

1. When asked about listening, gives you a blank stare.

4. Doesn’t understand how social media integrates into larger corporate communications or business strategy

18. Defines social media as only tools (Facebook, blogs, Flickr <INSERT SHINY OBJECT HERE> ) as opposed to conversations with communities

They’re all great and the sad thing is they’re all true. Too many people jumping on the shiny bandwagon, because it has press, has buzz, because everyone is doing it without having a key understanding of what is needed. So try not to fall into any of these mistakes- and if you’re already there, how are you going to correct your course?

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