Adopt a Word with Collins Language

Collins Language are doing some fun stuff with their Adopt a Word campaign. It’s all about supporting the I Can charity, which helps children with speech, language and communication difficulties. You can Adopt a Word, from £20, the money going to the charity. In return, they send you a ‘certificate of ownership, for that word. So whether you want to buy a ‘diamond’ or the definitive article ‘the’ you can get it all for yourself. They’ve got some great new words on offer as well, such as ‘disemvowel’, the art of removing vowels from web comments so they become far less intelligible.

They’ve also got this widget with a daily word test from Nicholas Parsons – do you know what he knows? Take it and have ago at improving your vocabulary.

This is a nice little social responsibility campaign for a dictionary company; the right charity connection, some celebrity endorsement and tools that all fit in with the core product, that of words.

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